Resilience defines: Financial Education in Pandemic Times

Resilience is the one word that comes to mind when reflecting on the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on our global community of finance museums. Almost all museums were forced to close the doors for weeks, sometimes months as governments imposed lockdowns. When this hit us during the Spring it was a real shock for many of us.

It quickly became clear however that this disruption was going to unleash multiple waves of creative energy. New ideas emerged over the course of the months that followed, from themed exhibits addressing the impact of the pandemic to special online projects like virtual museums. You can read about it in this booklet.

In our world today, financial resilience now is being tested on an unprecedented scale. Never before has a global disruption underlined so clearly the importance of preparing for an unexpected shift in one’s personal financial situation. It makes clear to many more people – including policymakers – that financial education is important and relevant. Undoubtedly, the relevance of our work – and the wider benefits of finance museums – will be recognized more widely once the pandemic fades out.

This publication, coordinated by the Museo del Risparmio in Turin, brings together a valuable collection of inspiring examples. Special thanks to Giovanna Paladino, Paola Laiolo and all those among you who contributed, for making this happen.

Especially at times like these, the IFFM serves a valuable role as a platform where we can inspire each other, where we can brainstorm among peers and develop fresh ideas. What is clear is that a digital presence is becoming more important, also for the IFFM. Our new website,, can also serve a useful purpose going forward, more widely sharing examples of our good work for a global audience.

The pandemic has not stopped our plans to further develop the IFFM. On the contrary, we are full of ideas and look forward to discussing them with each one of you. While we regret an in-person annual meeting won’t be possible this year, we much look forward to meeting many of you again in 2021 in Rome. Those of you who won’t be able to travel will be able to join us online. After all, digital connections now are a reality of our world today. That also is resilience.

Kenn Ross and Raymond Frenken
Co-Chairs of the IFFM

P.S. If you would like the pandemic story of your finance museum to be included in the booklet, please respond before the end of this month through this questionaire. We plan to publish an update.